Monday, January 18, 2010

Nutmeg Spice Sweet Potato Soup

If you like flavor, you’ll love this exotic blend.
If it’s a little too spicy for you, leave out the all-spice next time.

•2 Sweet Potatoes
•1 medium to medium-large onion chopped in hunks
•4 cups water
•1 tsp nutmeg
•¼ tsp all spice
•sprinkle black pepper
•¼ tsp curry powder
•1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
•¾ tsp salt
1.Peel sweet potatoes with a carrot peeler, chop them up and put them in a pot.
2.Add onion and water.
3.Bring to a rolling boil and then let simmer until vegetables are soft. Approximately 20 minutes. 4.Blend this entire mixture, including water, in a blender. Add all spices and blend.
5.Reheat soup to serve. The flavors from the spices burst forth once heated.
When served, garnish liberally with raisins and chopped walnuts.
Serves 5
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  2. Visiting from the Foodie BlogRoll. You have lots of good information here and I love the quotes on your sidebar. I never knew about raw food (although we already happen to eat lots of it) and will read more. Thank you for the inspiration :)