Monday, August 3, 2009

Eating Raw

Eating raw is healthy for everyone! :)

My kids (ages 11, 9, 6, and 3) are eating tons of fruit (watermelon, strawberries, apples, bananas, and peaches) some vegetables, farm fresh eggs, raw milk, almond milk, nuts, raw nut butters on sprouted bread, and more. I would say they are eating about 50-75% raw.

My husband, who has lost 35 pounds recently on the Master Cleanse is eating a lot of raw these days too! He looks and feels great, and can really feel it when he eats junk.

Being a nursing momma, I have to keep my calories up to maintain a milk supply. I am eating green smoothies for breakfast (with fruit, chia, kale, hemp protein, and Superfood), big salads for lunch (salad greens, avocado, various veggies and homemade dressing) For dinner a baked potato, baked butternut or acorn squash with a side salad or broccoli.

Thanks to Sara at Happy Foody, I have found some new favorites! Raw Food World is an online raw food store, and that's where I ordered my chia seed! You must check it out!


  1. I love your blog. I also read Sara's blog and read about chia. My question is this - Do I soak the seeds over night if I want to put them in a smoothie or just throw them in raw? Will you post or send me your smoothie recipe? I want to try it.

  2. Anna,

    I always make the chia seed into gel before using them.

    1/3c chia
    2c water
    whisk. wait 10 min. whisk again. store in fridge up to 10 days.

    I never have a recipe, I just throw stuff in the Vitamix! :)

    The smoothie I made yesterday:

    4 frozen bananas
    4 leaves of kale
    2 packets of stevia
    2T hemp seed nut
    1T Superfood powder (I use Dr. Shulze's Superfood)
    enough water to make it blend.

    I also add things like:
    avocado, brazil nuts or almonds, nut butter, any fruit you like, rice or almond milk, etc.

    And thanks for the compliments! :)


  3. Anna,

    I add 3-4 T. of the chia gel to my smoothies.